800ml Huge Capacity Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Ultrasonic Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

Huge Capacity Cold Mist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier runs for a whole day and night, offer you long time fragrance without refill. You can save yourself from adding water frequently, especially in the middle night.

  • Model: WF801

  • Capacity: 800ml

  • Size: D208 * H140mm



800ml Huge Capacity Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier Ultrasonic Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser WF801

Product Description:

This 800ml Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier is designed to make your living space smell wonderfully. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (NOT INCLUDED) to the humidifier diffuser to enjoy wonderful aromas throughout your home. Humidify the air, breathe easier, and relieve cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu. Reduce odors in your house from cigarettes, cooking, and pets.


Technical Specifications:
1. Ultrasonic Rate: 2.4MHZ
2.Capacity: 800ML
3.Humidification: 50-150ML/hour
4.Timer: 120/240min & continues working mode
5.Applicable area: Aromatherapy 80Sq.m, Humidification 50Sq.m
6.Essential oils : Yes
7.Max time: 10-20 hours
8.Unit weight: 676g
9.LED: 8pcs colorfic LED light/ warm light
10. Power supply: AC 100-240V DC:24V 650MA
11.Power: about 15W
12.Raw Material: PP
13.Water: Tap water/Purified water
14.Accessories: Power adapter, Measuring Cup, User manual

Packing Details:

Box Size: 21x21x14cm/pc
Master Carton: 66×44.5×29.5cm/pc
Net/Gross Weight: 8.5/12kgs

Delivery Time:20 working days after receipt advance payment

Certification/Quality Approvals:CE/RoHS

This 800ml mist aromatherapy diffuser humidifier is perfect for beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, Living room, Conference room, Office, Reception center, Corridor, Pet room, Toilet, baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private / public circumstance.