Our WF403 Aroma Diffuser is among the RARE few to feature a LED clock! 6 IN 1 pre-installed functions, making it the best essential oil diffuser, humidifier, LED clock, air purifier, oil fragrance disperser & night light!

  • Model: WF403

  • Capacity: 400ml

  • Size:?17*13cm

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WF403 LED Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser 400ml Essential Oil Mist Humidifier with Clock and Timer Function WF403

Product Description:

This LED Aroma Diffuser with Clock WF403 is never lose track of time – even during therapeutic aromatherapy sessions, calming Yoga or a soothing, spa massage! Our diffuser features a 12/24 hour ORANGE LED clock, which is smoothly operational and punctual, even after prolonged periods of not being in use. Take advantage of our diffuser’s time feature by prominently displaying as a clock it in your home, spa or studio and get flooded with compliments!



Aroma Diffuser Technical Specifications:

1.Power supply: Input AC100-240V 50/60 Hz; Output DC24V 0.65A
2.Power consumption: Max 15.6W
3.Water sink capacity: 400ml
4.Mist output: Around 30ml/h
5.Ultrasonic Rate: 2.4MHZ
6.Max time: 8-10hours
7.Led light: warm white , can be single control
8.Water: Tap water/Purified water
9. Mist: 4 timer setting , 30-60-120-180min
10.aroma oil , perfume accepted
11.Material: PP
12.Accessories: Power adapter,User manual
13.Function: clock + aroma diffuser
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Packing Details:

product size :17*17*13cm
Carton Weight: N.W: 13.5/14.5KGS
Qty: 18pc/Carton

Delivery Time
20 working days after receipt advance payment

Certification/Quality Approvals:CE/RoHS