100ml Starry 3D Glass Firework Light Effect Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier WF125

Unique Aroma 3D Soft Firework Holographic Artistic Effect with 6 changing LED electric mood lights that will change your personal home work decoration space. 7 color effect options from continuous, red, blue, blue, purple, green, and cyan or turn the light off.

  • Model: WF125

  • Capacity: 100ml

  • Size: 14.5×23cm

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100ml Starry 3D Glass Firework Light Effect Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier WF125

Product Description:

Starry, Firework look you’ll never get tired of. Use it as a night light in your room! 100ml capacity and bamboo wood grain designed base with a slip-proof bottom, is perfect for relaxation, yoga, and sleep! Enjoy the health benefits of essential oils and the beauty of the night glow.

WF125-1 (1)


Aroma Diffuser Functions and Features

Magical 3D Fireworks Design with 7 Color Changing: Exquisite outlook with 7 color changing will highlight your household decoration. It is a new model of the combination of electrical and decorative functions.Truly shows off the high-quality design with its unique 3D Fireworks effect.

Sufficient diffusion: Ultrasonic vibrations silently create an ultra-fine mist, delivering maximum humidifying. It helps you reap the benefits of essential oil thoroughly.

Relax and Treat Your Body: Relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a steady essential oil mist that fills the air. Use with different essential oils to relax, relieve stress, and fight allergy, cold or flu symptoms.

Quiet and Peaceful: The choice of light sleeper.This diffuser works very quietly so that you can be intoxicated in the charming aroma without disruption or noise pollution.

Safe and Convenient: Auto Shut-Off and Ultrasonic Technology keeps you from worrying about anything-just relax and enjoy. Perfect to place it in your home, home office, bedroom or kid’s room, or you can also use it for more business-oriented applications such as in a yoga studio,spa,or hotel front desk area.

Aroma Diffuser Technical Specifications:

1. Product size: 14.5 x23cm
2. Weight: 800g
3. Material: glass cover and PP
4. Container Capacity: 100ML
5. Operating time: Spray volume 3-5hours

6. Input voltage: 100-240V
7. Output voltage: DC 24V
8. Power: 12W
9. LED: 6 full-color LED lights with 16 color gradients

WF125-1 (3)

Packing Details:

Size: 14.5×23cm

QTY: 6pcs/CTN
Inner box size:18x18x26cm
Ctn Size:55.5*37.5*27.5cm