This 120ml Aroma Mist Diffuser WF119 is perfect for beauty salon, SPA, Yoga, Bedroom, Living room, Conference room, Office, Reception center, Corridor, Pet room, Toilet, baby room, Hotel, Hospital or any other private / public circumstance.

  • Model: WF119

  • Capacity: 120ml

  • Size: ?12×15.5cm

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7 Color RGB LED Lights 120ml Aroma Mist Diffuser Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser Air Purifier WF119


Product Description:

Adding a drop of your favorite essential oil, the diffuser get mist quickly and purify the air of your room with a clean and nice scent. Enjoy the peace of mind, relieve stress and eliminate fatigue. A healthy lifestyle starts with a ultrasonic fresh air diffuser. Decorate your house with fragrance and artistry.

Aroma Diffuser Technical Specifications:

1.Power supply: Input AC100-240V 50/60 Hz; Output DC24V 0.5A
2.Power consumption: Max 12W
3.Water sink capacity: 120ml
4.Humidity Control: Manual

5.Light: Warm white color
6.Ultrasonic Rate: 2.4MHZ
7.Material: PP,ABS
8.Max time: 4-8hours
9.Accessories: Power adapter,User manual
10.Water: Tap water/Purified water


Packing details:
Color Box:12.5×12.5×16.6CM


Certification/Quality Approvals: CE/RoHS/FCC/UL